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Baileigh CS-C385SA Semi-Automatic Column Type Coldsaw

  • 114mm round capacity
  • 70mm solid capacity
  • 0°-45° mitre l, 0°-30° mitre r

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The CS-C385SA vertical column type coldsaw can accept up to a 15.75″ diameter coldsaw blade. Having the ability to use such a large blade increases the cutting capacity, and also extends blade life due to the fact each tooth has more time to cool off before taking the next cut.

This heavy-duty machine is perfect for cutting tube in many configurations, heavy walled pipe and solids as well.

The heavy-duty construction of this vertical column coldsaw consists of a solid steel cabinet that houses the electronics, coolant system, and industrial-grade hydraulic system. On top of this cabinet is a solid cast base which houses the hydraulic vice, and an extremely heavy mitering way system which the upper cutting carriage travels upon.

The upper cutting carriage consists of an industrial-grade gearbox coupled to the saw blade drive system, industrial-grade motor, and finally the industrial-grade hydraulic downfeed and return system.

The CS-C385SA can mitre 45° left and 30° right in seconds. The vice can be simply altered in seconds to eliminate interference depending on the angle desired.

This is a semi-automatic production saw that comes with a metered stop-rod for repeatable cuts.

Once set up the operator simply puts the next piece of material up to the stop rod, and presses the foot pedal, at which point the hydraulic vice clamps the material, the blade and coolant system starts up, and the upper cutting carriage starts the descent, cutting through the material.

Upon completion the coolant and blade shuts off while the upper cutting carriage returns to its home position. The heavy-duty column construction allows for quicker cutting times, perfect surface finishes without the need of secondary facing applications, and long blade life.

We can assure you the CS-C385SA has been designed and constructed to last for years to come in the most stressful fabrication environments.


Item Number CS-C385SA
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Max. Blade Diameter 400 mm – 350 mm
Operation Semi-Automatic
Head Miter 17209
Round Solid at 45° 60 mm
Square Tube at 45° 100 mm x 100 mm
Round Tube at 45° 108 mm
Rectangle Tube at 45° 100 mm x 49 mm
Round Solid at 90° 70 mm
Rectangle Tube at 90° 120 mm x 49 mm
Square Tube at 90° 110 mm x 110 mm
Round Tube at 90° 114 mm
Coolant System 17202
Vice Style Single Action
Max. Vice Opening 153 mm
Head Style 17208
Arbor Size 17166
Motor 4.0 / 3.0 hp
Blade Speed Two Speeds, 35 / 70 (rpm)
Power 400V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 850 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1473 x 838 x 2235 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.