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Baileigh Industrial RDB-325 Programmable Tube Bender

  • 76mm Ø x 3mm mild tube capacity
  • 76mm Ø x 2.5mm stainless tube capacity
  • NC programmable

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Need to put more muscle in your shop? The RDB-325 tube and pipe bender might just be your answer, with a massive capacity of 2″ schedule 80 pipe (60mm x 5.5mm (mild steel T.S. 64,000 PSI) and 76mm (3″) round tubing with a 16” maximum CLR, depending on your material OD. Tooling for the RDB-325 is the same high-quality tooling that our entire line of Baileigh Industrial top-loading benders use, and with over 5,000 die sets available, there will be one for your application.

The RDB-325 requires just 400 volt, 50hz, three phase power, and includes a simple to use touchscreen controller that holds up to 170 programs, with up to ten bends per program. If more memory is needed, a memory card (standard 2GB SD card, max) can be used to store programs as well. An optional indexing table can be fitted allowing the fabricator to bend on varying planes and easily duplicate complex bends.

Like most of our powered rotary draw tube and pipe bending machines, this one uses a foot pedal control, and a swing away counter die system for increased production speed. Another nice feature of the RDB-325 bender is that it can rotate up to 360° in either direction, making it a great machine when using our optional universal bending plate for rod applications.

This bending machine has been designed and built to be the workhorse for any fabrication shop for decades to come.


Item Number RDB-325
Country of Manufacture United States
Minimum CLR 13 mm
Minimum OD 6 mm
Maximum Speed To 180° 10 Sec.
Mild Steel Solid Rod 32 mm
Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 80 60 mm x 5.5 mm
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 76 mm x 3 mm
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 50 mm x 3 mm
Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule 40 60 mm x 4 mm
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 76 mm x 2.5 mm
Chromolly Round Tube Wall 76 mm x 2 mm
Aluminum Pipe Sch. 80 73 mm x 5.5 mm
Aluminum Round Tube Wall 76 mm x 5 mm
Maximum Center Line Radius Clr 419 mm
Power 400V, 50Hz, 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 545 kg.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1524mm x 813mm x 1220mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.