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Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll

  • NC Controlled Plate Roll
  • 3100mm forming width
  • 12.4mm mild capacity
  • Two driven rolls


PR-10500-4NC numerically controlled four roll plate bending machine is the next step in production plate rolling. This 10 foot ½” mild steel machine features a new and evolved numerical control with the following features. This new easy to use touch screen controller has the ability to control three bending axis (X Y Z), two side supports, central support, and the pinching action. It can also store 300 programs with 99 steps each; this is great for those odd shaped jobs that come about.

What make a 4 roll plate roll so great? A 4 roll machine is the easiest, quickest, rolling machine to operate thanks to its ability to pinch the plate between the 2 central driven rolls, pre-bend the leading edge, and rolling the body of the part along with the trailing edge all in one direction and in one pass. There is no chance to lose the position of the plate due to being pinched at all times during the rolling cycle.

The 2 central driven rolls on the PR-10500-4NC are rotated by hydraulic motors and high efficiency planetary gearboxes coupled directly to the rolls. This hydraulic gearbox is driven by a large 10hp motor that operates on 400 volt three phase power.

1/2″ mild steel capacity
120″ length 4 forming rolls
2 driven rolls
Hydraulically driven
Moveable console with three axis NC control
Storage for 300 programs with 99 steps in each program
Touch screen Hydraulic system for helping to remove material
Epicycloidal gear boxes
Hardened and polished rolls
Conical bending system
Torsion bars for perfect parallelism
Planetary movement of side rolls


Item Number PR-10500-4NC
Rolling Cap. (Mild Steel) .55″
Forming Width 122″
Number of Rolls 4
Driven Rolls 2
Top Roll Dia. 11.4″
Bottom Roll Dia. 10.6″
Slide Roll Dia. 8.2″
Roll Adjustment Hydraulic
Programming Nexus NC System
Motor 10 hp.
Power 480V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 17,600 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 176″ x 58″ x 39″

* specifications subject to change without notice.