10 Types Of Woodworking Machines

Woodworking tools are very apparent within the woodworking industry, however, there is now a plethora of different woodworking machines that are available to purchase that enhance the efficiency of the job. These machines come in two types, handheld power tools, and stationery and machines. Handheld power tools: Electric drill: This is a machine that holds […]

10 Types Of Machines Used in Metal Working Industries

There are a plethora of different machines that are utilised within the metalworking industry. However, they weren’t always like what they are today. The tools have evolved over a very long period of time, that has made it so that human effort is reduced to maximise efficiency. Some of the most notorious machines include: Lathe […]

Sustaining up Your Safety Measures While Using Industrial Blades

Blades! They are what make up 99, if not 100% of the machines used within this industry. They enable us to get our tasks done with maximum efficiency. However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Cuts, lacerations, punctures, amputations, the list goes on. These are accidents that happen a lot more frequently than you’d expect. […]

What is a bandsaw?

If you’re invested within the woodworking industry, then you’ve probably heard of the word ‘bandsaw’. What is it you may ask? Well, grab your popcorn and take a seat because this blog is going to answer that question! What is it? A bandsaw is a cutting tool with a long blade that is rotated by […]

New premises for the UK team

The UK team moved to their brand new facility and settled in quickly. The customers showroom has a selection of Baileigh, PROMAC & JET machines for customer to see and try to help customers make the right decision before buying. They also carry a supply of the most popular models of machinery. You will also […]

New premises

The intense activity of Tool France Promac has been the subject of a mandatory move. A bigger building to see bigger.