JCDC-30-T JET Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Air flow rate 2,540 m3/h
  • Vaccum pressure 1,700 pA
  • Dust inlet diameter 203mm
  • Hose diameter 3×100mm


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More suction power using the same motor output, quiet operation
Two-level air filtration makes the device more effective and efficient
Powerful cyclone function, separates chips from dust to relieve pressure on the fine mesh filter
Filter efficiency level of 99% for particles ? 2 microns
Filter cartridge with quick-clean feature using the lever
Debris and chips are collected in the 250-litre metal drum
Quick emptying with the drum’s quick release fasteners and separate castors
Castors on the device allow it to be moved around the workshop
Includes radio remote control with a range of 15 metres, with a timer for 2, 4, 6, 8 hours
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Motor (V/kW) 400/2.7n Air flow rate (m3/h) 2’540n Vaccum pressure (pA) 1’700n Dust inlet diameter (u00f8-mm) 203n Hose diameter (u00f8-mm) 3u00d7100n Filter efficiency with particle size 99% at 2 Micronn Collection drum capacity (lt.) 250n Noise level (LpA, dB) 76n Collector bag size (mm) 980u00d71’200n Remote control/timer (h) Yes/2,4,6,8 hn Dimensions (mm) 1’450u00d7770u00d72’235n Weight (kg) 110