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JSSG_10-M JET Wet Sharpener

  • Motor speed 90 – 150 rpm
  • Leather honing wheel 230×30mm
  • Grinding wheel 250×50×12mm
  • Grinding wheel grain 250G

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Water bath for continuous wetting and cooling of the cutter
Oversized water tank and guide channel catch water run-off
The sanding speed can be kept constant via speed control, independent of the abrasive block diameter
Stainless steel spindles, mounted in sintered metal casings to protect against wear
Friction wheel pressure adjustment to ensure full torque transmission
With leather sharpening wheel for a razor-sharp cutting edge in no time
Enclosed motor casing prevents unwanted matter and water getting inside the machine
Integrated tool chest for storing standard sharpening equipment
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  • Motor (V/kW) 230/0.16
  • Motor speed (rpm) 90 – 150
  • Leather honing wheel (mm) 230 x 30
  • Grinding wheel (mm) 250 x 50 x 12
  • Grinding wheel grain 250G
  • Dimensions (mm) 406 x 305 x 330
  • Weight (kg) 15