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Baileigh HSP-110M-1500 Hydraulic Workshop Press

  • Hydraulic operation
  • 100 metric tons of pressure
  • Extra-wide model of the HSP-110M
  • Movable cylinder design

£13,552.00Excl. VAT + Delivery


These Baileigh Industrial hydraulic workshop presses are extremely robust and built to last.

The casing is very stable. It is made of quality welded steel sections. The hydraulic system is extremely precise, whether operated electrically or manually. The height of the heavy work table can be adjusted easily and effortlessly using the hydraulic cylinder. These Baileigh workshop presses are excellent for general assembly and straightening work, but also for testing work pieces or for pressing bearings in and out.

That’s why Baileigh workshop presses are a must for engineering workshops, repair firms and technical training institutions.

Press Features:

Pressure manometer
Automatic piston return
User manual
Delivery straight from stock
Motorised or hand operated
Hydraulic unit with 2 speeds and pressure regulator
Chrome piston with screw head
Working width: 59″
CE compliant, built in Europe.
Movable cylinder

Optional Accessories

Set of V blocks

Additional information

Weight 1250 kg


Item Number HSP-110M-1500
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Return Speed 12.3 mm / sec.
Maximum Pressure 266 bar
Motor 2.2 kw
Piston Head Diameter 120 mm
Pump Speed 1.5 / 5.17 gal/min.
Oil Capacity 30 liters
Working Width .106″ / sec.
System Oil Capacity 12 liters
Lowering Speed .362″ / sec.
Maximum Capacity 100 ton
Cylinder Stroke 400 mm
Cylinder Movable Yes
Cylinder Diameter 254 mm
Rpm 3000
Power 400V / 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 1250 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1900 x 900 x 2140 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.