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Baileigh HSP-50A Pneumatic Workshop Press

  • Pneumatic operation
  • 45 metric tons of pressure

£2,624.00Excl. VAT + Delivery


The H-frame press that is most commonly found in today’s fabrication, welding, and machine shops is the 50 ton upright. Naturally Baileigh Industrial has a high-quality one to fit their needs as well.

The Baileigh Industrial HSP-50A air operated shop press is the perfect complement to any shop. This press features a fully welded main frame for maximum rigidity allowing the operator to use all 50 tons that are available from the HSP-50A. The large 6” diameter cylinder of the HSP-50A features a 200mm stroke. Yet, the operation of the HSP-50A press is simple and controllable through the use of the included foot pedal. For even more control, the operator may chose to use the manual hand pump that is located on the side of the air operated shop press. All the hydraulics on this machine are industrial grade to ensure years of useful operation.

The Baileigh Industrial HSP-50A shop press also has a unique feature that allows the operator to lift and lower the working table with the help of a winch and pulley system. This will save time as well as the back of the operator when table relocation is needed. The HSP-50A also comes with its own vee blocks.

Additional information

Weight 365 kg


Item Number HSP-50A
Piston Head Diameter 70 mm
Movable Cylinder Yes
Maximum Capacity 45 ton
Cylinder Stroke 200 mm
Cylinder Diameter 152 mm
Power Pneumatic / Manual
Shipping Weight 365 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 2108 x 1118 x 610 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.