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Baileigh MSS-16 Shrinker/Stretcher

  • 1.3mm mild steel capacity
  • 2mm aluminium capacity
  • 203mm throat depth
  • Manual operation

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Most shrinker stretchers only have a small throat depth, so what do you do when you need more? Enter the Baileigh Industrial MSS-16 shrinker stretcher; it has a heavy cast iron frame with a deep 8″ throat. The MSS-16 comes standard with two sets of jaws, one for shrinking and one for stretching. This bench mounted shrinker stretcher is a manually operated machine that uses a hand operated lever to control the amount of shrink or stretch.

The MSS-16 sheet metal shrinker stretcher has a mild steel capacity of 16 gauge and an aluminum capacity of 14 gauge. No other sheet metal stretcher shrinker on the market has such a generous throat depth with a heavy maximum capacity for such a good price. An optional stand that integrates a foot pedal control for operation is available.


Item Number MSS-16
Mild Steel Capacity 16 ga.
Throat Depth 203 mm
Stand Optional
Aluminum Capacity 14 ga.
Shipping Weight 23 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 914 x 508 x 381 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.