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Baileigh PR-10500-4CNC

  • CNC Controlled Plate Roll
  • 3100mm forming width
  • 12.4mm mild capacity
  • Two driven rolls

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The PR-10500-4CNC 4 roll plate bending machine is the ultimate in production plate rolling. It has the same bones as its sister models the PR-10500-4 and PR-10500-4NC but incorporates a CNC touchscreen controller that has been specially designed for Baileigh Industrial plate rolls. When designing a CNC for a bending machine, you will encounter considerable challenges, the main one is the tolerance of the yield point of the various materials that are bent: lots of material nominally “identical” to each other, often present results bending quite different.

The PR-10500-4CNC also has a CAD system that allows you to draw shapes to be bent with the Numerical Control or, if you prefer, loading them in DXF format from USB pen-drive. There is also the possibility to have a second desktop or laptops, configured with the same application, so you can run them elsewhere, and then export it to the CNC. After loading the form chosen, simply choose the type of material, previous stored in special libraries, and the computer automatically generates the program to bend it. The pre-existing system of manual programming “auto-teaching” has been maintained to ensure the total flexibility of control.

Technical Feature of the CNC Programmer on the PR-10500-4CNC plate roll

Amount of steps per program is virtually unlimitedAmount of saved programs is virtually unlimited
Linux RTI operating system
New generation mother board conforms to Rohs regulations
Integrated graphical card with accelerated 3D hardware
Intel Low power 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU with lower operating temperature (optimal for industrial environments)
SO-DIMM DDR Memory 1 GB Industrial range
Direct connection of the LVDS display leaves VGA port open for connecting an external monitor
15” touch screen display conforms to Rohs regulations
15” TFT New Generation LCD LED DISPLAY
Calculation Capacity has tripled compared to previous versions
Front panel with more input/output ports: 2 USB, 1 Serial, 1 Ethernet, 2 PS2


Item Number PR-10500-4CNC
Rolling Cap. (Mild Steel) .55″
Forming Width 122″
Number of Rolls 4
Driven Rolls 2
Top Roll Dia. 13.7″
Bottom Roll Dia. 13″
Slide Roll Dia. 9.8″
Roll Adjustment Hydraulic
Programming Touch Screen CNC System
Motor 15 hp.
Power 480V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 28,600 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 206″ x 68″ x 43″

* specifications subject to change without notice.