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Baileigh R-M40 Manual Roll Bender

  • Foot pedal operation
  • 50mm Ø 2mm round tube capacity
  • Single pinch
  • Double driven rolls

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Profile bending is very popular in the world of metal fabrication, and as ideas get bigger so do the needs to complete the projects.

A great starting point for anyone looking for a ring roller is the R-M40 from Baileigh Industrial. This machine uses a 220 volt, single phase motor to do the rolling and a ratchet style manual top roll to adjust forming pressure.

The R-M40 ring roller is perfect for rolling various sections such as hay hoops, coils of tubing, stair railing pipe and much more. Like most of Baileigh Industrial’s ring rollers, the machine is manufactured using heavy steel plate, industrial-grade transmissions, variable speed inverter driven drives, and much more.

This ring roller can bend in both the horizontal and vertical positions and comes with a set of segment rolls that can be used for bending flat bar, solid rod, and some square applications. Additional rolls are in stock for tubing and pipe, as well as other profiles.

A solid base has a storage cabinet for tooling.

Additional information

Weight 270 kg


Item Number R-M40
Country of Manufacture Portugal
Driven Rolls 2
Roll Adjustment Manual
Pipe Capacity Size: 33.7 (2.65) / Min. Dia.: 900mm
Round Tube Capacity Size: 50 (2) mm / Min. Dia.: 700 mm
Square Tube Capacity Size: 38 (2.1) mm / Min. Dia.: 991 mm
Solid Round Capacity Size: 35 mm / Min. Dia.: 610 mm
Flat Bar Easy Way Size: 76 (13) mm / Min. Dia.: 400 mm
Flat Bar Hard Way Size: 57 (9.5) mm / Min. Dia.: 508 mm
Angle Iron Capacity Size: 38 (4.7) mm / Min. Dia.: 558 mm
Shaft Diameter 30 mm
Shaft Center Distance 276 mm (lower rolls)
Shaft Center Distance Lower Rolls 10.88″
Upper Roll Dia. 130 mm
Lower Roll Dia. 130 mm
Motor 1.5 hp
Pinch Single
Power 220V, 50Hz, 1-phase
Shipping Weight 254 kgs.
Material Type All Specs based on 60,000 PSI (42 Kg/mm 2) Tensile Strength – Mild Steel.
*Optional Tooling Some applications may require optional tooling. Please contact a Technical Sales Specialist at Baileigh Industrial with specific application details.
Speeds 5814
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1524 x 1118 x 1727 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.