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DC_1100A-T JET Dust Collector

  • Air flow rate 1,150/1,620 m3/h
  • Vaccum pressure 1,700 pA
  • Dust inlet diameter 150mm
  • Hose diameter 2×100mm

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Heavy-duty universal extraction with high suction capacity and innovative Vortex Cone technology
The vortex cone effectively deposits the chips in the waste sack
Only air and the finest particles get into the filter range, no drop in efficiency due to prematurely clogged filter slats
Reduced chip volume so the sack does not need to be emptied so often
Efficient induction motor suitable for continuous operation
Finely balanced steel fanwheel for vibration-free, quiet operation
Sacks are easy to fit with a ring clamp, no tension belt required
Heavy-duty metal casing
Supplied with a 30-micron filter sack, Y pillars 2—100mm, wheeled unit and 5 waste sacks
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  • Motor (V/kW) 400/1.5
  • Air flow rate (m3/h) 1’150/1’620
  • Vaccum pressure (pA) 1’700
  • Dust inlet diameter (mm) 150
  • Hose diameter (mm) 2 x 100
  • Filter efficiency with particle size 99% at 30 Micron
  • Collector bag capacity volume (lt) 200
  • Collector bag size (mm) 785 x 940
  • Noise level (LpA, dB) 80
  • Dimensions (mm) 940 x 510 x 2’000
  • Weight (kg) 48