JCDC-20-M JET Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Air flow rate 2,160 m3/h
  • Vaccum pressure 1,600 pA
  • Dust inlet diameter 152mm
  • Hose diameter 2×100mm


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More suction power using the same motor output, quiet operation
Two-level air filtration makes the device more effective and efficient
Powerful cyclone function, separates chips from dust to relieve pressure on the fine mesh filter
Filter efficiency level of 99% for particles ? 2 microns
Filter cartridge with quick-clean feature using the lever
Quick emptying with the drum’s quick release fasteners and separate castors
Includes radio remote control with a range of 15 metres, with a timer for 2, 4, 6, 8 hours
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Motor (V/kW) 230/1.9n Air flow rate (m3/h) 2’160n Vaccum pressure (pA) 1’600n Dust inlet diameter (u00f8-mm) 152n Hose diameter (u00f8-mm) 2u00d7100n Filter efficiency with particle size 99% at 2 Micronn Collection drum capacity (lt.) 115n Noise level (LpA, dB) 76n Collector bag size (mm) 780u00d7830n Remote control/timer (h) Yes/2,4,6,8 hn Dimensions (mm) 1’285u00d7660u00d71’835n Weight (kg) 94