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SN-F11-AN Corner Notcher

  • Pneumatic Corner Notcher
  • 3.2mm mild capacity
  • 1.8mm stainless capacity
  • Notch angle 90° (fixed)

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The SN-F11-AN pneumatic corner notcher from Baileigh Industrial is a great machine for making perfect corners in sheet metal.

The SN-F11-AN corner notcher has an 11 gauge mild steel capacity, so it can make quick work of almost any job, and like its hydraulically operated brother, the SN-F09-MS, the SN-F11-AN sheet metal notcher has blades that are fixed at 90°, ensuring a perfect notch every time.

An oversized table measuring 18” x 23.5” includes table guides as standard to make production grade notches.

The 5” blades on the SN-F11-AN corner notcher can be flipped and resharpened for extended blade life. At 4.4cfm, the SN-F11-AN air operated sheet metal notcher can run off of any air compressor that can put out between 90 PSI and 115 PSI, which should allow this great tool to be used anywhere.

An operator controlled foot pedal controls the notching action on the SN-F11-AN.

At an operating pressure of 115 PSI the SN-F11-AN is capable of producing 50 strokes a minute with reduced stroke length.

Like all Baileigh Industrial products, the SN-F11-AN sheet metal corner notcher is usually in stock for fast shipments.

Additional information

Weight 188 kg


Item Number SN-F11-AN
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Notch Angle 90° (Fixed)
Working Pressure 115 psi
Working Speed 115 psi
Strokes Per Minute 50
Blade Gap Adjustment Manual
Shipping Weight 228 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1524 x1118 x1727mm
Belt Table Dimensions 457 mm x 597 mm
Max Notch Dimensions 127 mm x 127 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.