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Baileigh HSP-176M-1500 Hydraulic Workshop Press

  • Hydraulic operation
  • 160 metric tons of pressure
  • Extra-wide model of the HSP-176M
  • Movable cylinder design

£16,747.00Excl. VAT + Delivery


Do you have something that requires a lot of tonnage to press? If so the HSP-176M-1500 from Baileigh Industrial might just be your perfect press. Built to last for years in any environment, the HSP-176M-1500-HD heavy duty shop press combines all the knowledge that we gained from our other presses. In order to handle a full 176 tons of pressure put out by its industrial grade hydraulic system, the frame on the HSP-176M has to be strong, and because it is built from 3/8” steel plate it is.

Other features include:

Fully Welded Steel Frame
2 Speed Hydraulic
Safety Overload
Moveable Cylinder
Standard Pressure Guage
Fully Protected Hydraulic System


Item Number HSP-176M-1500
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Return Speed .393″ / sec.
Motor 4 hp
Piston Head Diameter 5.90″
Working Speed .25″ / sec.
Working Width 61.75″
Lowering Speed .350″ / sec.
Maximum Capacity 176 tons
Cylinder Stroke 11.8″
Cylinder Movable Yes
Cylinder Diameter 11″
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 4620 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 98″ x 40″ x 89″

* specifications subject to change without notice.