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Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe

  • 8 step spindle speed 70to2000rpm
  • 13″ (330mm) swing over bed
  • 40″ (1016mm) centre length
  • 6″ three jaw chuck

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The PL-1340 precision metal lathe from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for those machine shops where precision cannot be compromised. Like all Baileigh Industrial precision lathes, this small yet sturdy lathe is built to exacting specifications using only the best quality components. The PL-1340 is powered by 415 volt three phase power.

The PL-1340 is a gear head metal lathe that offers eight speeds that vary from 70 to 2000rpm. It also uses precision ground and hardened slide ways for all movement of the machining carriage. Even the best ways are only as good as the castings they are attached to, so to make the PL-1340 one of the most rigid in its class, Baileigh Industrial only uses the best castings in the industry for both fit and finish.

Other features on the PL-1340 precision metal lathe include; a halogen light, three jaw chuck, flood coolant system, backsplash, four-way tool post and steady and follow rests. Another nice feature of the PL-1340 is that it has a factory installed Mitutoyo DRO (digital read out) great for making precise cuts.


Item Number PL-1340
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Speed Range 70 – 2000 rpm
Speed Number 8
Set Over +/– 10 mm
Spindle Bore 38 mm
Motor 3 hp
Threads Diametrical Qty Type 33 / 8–120 D.P.
Threads Imperial Qty Type 32 / 4–56 T.P.I.
Threads Metric Qty Type 27 / .4–7 mm pitch
Threads Module Qty Type 22 / .2–3 M.P.
Spindle Taper Sleeve Morse #3
Spindle Taper Nose Morse #5
Tailstock Quill Dia 42 mm
Tailstock Quill Taper Morse #3
Tailstock Quill Travel 114 mm
Compound Rest Travel 68 mm
Compound Rest Width 76 mm
Center Length 990 mm
Center Height 165 mm
Bed Length 17170
Bed Width 188 mm
Bend Height 290 mm
Longitudinal Feeds Metric Qty Speed 33 / .052 – 13.92 mm / rev.
Longitudinal Feeds Imperial Qty Speed 33 / .0020″ – .5480″ / rev.
Lead Screw Diameter 22 mm
Max. Swing In Gap Length 115 mm
Max. Swing Over Bed 330 mm
Max. Swing Over Cross Slide 198 mm
Max. Swing In Gap Dia 477 mm
Motor Coolant 1/8 hp
Cross Feeds Imperial Qty Speed 33 / .0007″ – .0187″ / rev.
Cross Feeds Metric Qty Speed 33 / .018 – .475 mm / rev.
Cross Slide Travel 160 mm
Cross Slide Width 118 mm
Cutting Tool Max Section 16 mm x 16 mm
Feed Rod 19 mm
Power 400 volt three phase
Shipping Weight 740 kgs.
Dimensions L x W x H 2006 x 838 x 1500 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.