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Baileigh SR-3622M Slip Roll

  • 914mm forming width
  • 1mm mild capacity
  • Manually powered
  • 3 wire grooves

£1,203.00Excl. VAT + Delivery


The Baileigh Industrial SR-3622M manual slip roll, just like out other roll forming equipment, is built to last. This 36”, 22 gauge mild steel slip roll will be a mainstay in any shop for many years. The frame work is made from plate steel that has been machined to exacting tolerances to ensure perfect alignment, even at full capacity.

The SR-3622M slip roller machine will roll arches, cylinders and cones out of sheet metal with a minimum forming diameter of 3 inches. It also has 3 wire grooves that allow for rolling of rod or wire. A convenient lever system helps move the top roll out of the way when removing the finished product.

The SR-3622M manual slip roll is the perfect size to take along to the job site.

Additional information

Weight 130 kg


Item Number SR-3622M
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Forming Width 914 mm
Upper Roll Dia. 50.8 mm
Minimum Forming Dia 76.2 mm
Working Height Yes
Capacity (Mild Steel) 0.76 mm
Gear Ratio 1:01
Shipping Weight 130 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1397 x 381 x 533 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.