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Baileigh PR-413 Plate Roll

  • 1300mm forming width
  • 2.5mm mild capacity
  • Three driven rolls
  • 9mm, 10mm & 13mm wire grooves

£6,017.00Excl. VAT + Delivery


Do you currently have a slip roll but are constantly being bogged down when you need to form something a little thicker. That is where the PR-413 roll former comes in. This economical plate roll has the ability to handle up to 13 gauge mild steel over its whole 4’ length. This electrically driven plate roll is powered by a 1.5 hp 220 volt single phase motor allowing it to be used almost anywhere.

Even though it is electrically driven the back roll movement is controlled by a hydraulic system. This industrial grade system allows the back roll to move up and down as well as tilt left and right when the finished product calls for coning. A digital readout is also provided to identify the position of the back roll as well. Three wire grooves are also included for those time that wire rings are need to be formed.

The operation of the PR-413 roll former is all done on a convenient foot pedestal. Once the pinch is set the foot pedal contains forward and reverse pedal as well as buttons to control the up and down movement of the back roll. For safety, the PR-413 has emergency stop cable on the front and back of the machine.

Additional information

Weight 570 kg


Item Number PR-413
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Forming Width 1219 mm
Driven Rolls 3
Roll Speed 3.6 m/min
Upper Roll Dia. 95mm
Roll Adjustment Back Hydraulic
Roll Adjustment Pinch Manual
Minimum Forming Dia 140mm
Motor 1.5hp
Working Height Yes
Capacity (Mild Steel) 2,3 mm
Power 220V – 1-Phase
Shipping Weight 570 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 1905 x 736 x 1168 mm

* specifications subject to change without notice.